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Sports drinks are very popular. Energy drinks are even more so. However, as popular as they are, they can cause serious damage to your teeth and overall health.

Sports drinks are fine after a game, practice or workout. But since they are designed to replace lost electrolytes, carbohydrates and other substances, they should be reserved for rehydrating after vigorous activity. They can contain extra calories and promote cavities.

Energy drinks can be particularly dangerous to your smile. They can contribute to obesity, and can contain substances that can cause dental erosion. They are also rich in caffeine, taurine and other stimulants which can be harmful to the body, especially for children and teens.

When all is said and done, the best drink for your teeth and your body is water. Water is essential for hydrating your body and for keeping your mouth clean of food debris and harmful acids. To learn more about preserving your smile, our dentist, Dr. Alan and Cory will be happy to talk with you. To make an appointment at Brothers Dental, our dental office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, call 719-599-7453 today to plan your visit.