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Remembering to always brush your teeth every morning and night as well as making a conscious effort to thoroughly floss once per day is essential for removing food debris bacterial deposits from your teeth. With consistency, this daily routine can significantly reduce your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.

If you have noticed something abnormal about one of your teeth, you should have it examined by our dentist, Dr. Alan and Cory as soon as possible. Depending on the damage and the amount of healthy tooth enamel, the dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration.  

The dentist will meticulously remove the remainder of the tooth’s enamel layer to create a small post of dentin. This will eventually serve to anchor your new dental crown. An impression will be made of the tooth and the adjacent area. It will be sent to a dental lab where the crown will be created. When it’s ready Dr. Alan and Cory will cement your crown onto the tooth with a strong dental adhesive. This will replicate the physical presence and essential function of the tooth enamel.  

If you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area and you have a tooth that has been compromised by a cavity, you should call 719-599-7453 to seek treatment at Brothers Dental.